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Vintage Hofner and Selmer catalogues in Mint condition from 1960 to 1990's.  

I also have a comprehensive library of old Framus, Gibson, Gretsch, Guyatone, Harmony and Kay as well as Hofner catalogues on CD.    Please ask.


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Gibson Byrdland

#001 Gibson Byrdland 1965


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 jazz guitars for sale

A personal collection of classic, rare & vintage jazz archtops.

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D'Angelico VESTAX NYS-2


D'Angelico of America offered a range of superb New Yorkers in 1997 through VESTAX, their Japanese distributor, but a series of law suits over the use of the names "D'Angelico" and "New Yorker" lead to the complete withdrawal of sales in the USA toward the end of 2004.   Sales to the UK and Europe continued until 2006 when production of VESTAX label guitars ceased.

The Vestax guitars quickly earned the highest reputation for outstanding quality, build and and finish but their "legendary" status was confirmed by their superb playability, stunning good looks and fantastic tone.

These guitars have been much sought after ever since.

I am pleased to offer my final Vestax archtop, the NYS-2 above.




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