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There will be a new chapter in "The Collection" soon featuring those lovely old archtops from the 40's and 50's  -  guitars usually made by just one man and maybe an apprentice.

They are the guitars from Europe and the UK with big acoustic voices that featured so prominently in the days of the Dance Band.   The Neubauer (main pic) is an example.

I'm not yet sure what I shall call that collection.   Any ideas?





Vintage Hofner and Selmer catalogues in Mint condition from 1960 to 1990's.  

I also have a comprehensive library of old Framus, Gibson, Gretsch, Guyatone, Harmony and Kay as well as Hofner catalogues on CD.    Please ask.


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Gibson Byrdland

#001 Gibson Byrdland 1965


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 jazz guitars for sale

A personal collection of classic, rare & vintage jazz archtops.

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Anton Neubauer was born in the Czech Republic in 1906 and was taught instrument making by his father in law,  Franz Hirsch.    Hirsch was quite influential in some of the styling of the early Neubauer guitars.  

Anton's son Helmut was born in Schoenberg in 1932 but the Neubauers were driven out of the Czech Republic in 1946 working for a while with Hoyer.  In 1958 set up their own father and son workshop at Bubenreuth where many of the expelled Sudetenland stringed instrument makers had congregated.

The guitars made by Anton and Helmut in that period are revered and much respected for their style and particularly for their great acoustic voice.    Generally,  acoustic Neubauers are loud  -  a perfect archtop to play live in bands or in family groups, easily heard against violin, bass, wind and accordion (the typical music night family get together).  

Soon Neubauer earned a reputation for that rich, majestic tone loved so much by jazz players.

Generally, Neubauers are not dated or labelled and so it is not easy to attribute a guitar to its maker.

In this guitar I see several cues which make me feel it is probably made by Anton  -  the shape of the headstock, the headstock decoration with the same motif running down the neck are all Hirsch inspired (in fact there are a few Hirsh guitars with this pattern).   It has a very Schonberg look and so most likely signifies an early guitar.   I get the feeling it is early 50's.    The very stylish f-hole design is unusual and very attractive.   Overall this is a very classy guitar and with the deep "damson" redburst finish really looks good.












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