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  Guitars 4 Sale.   

From my personal collection of classic, rare & vintage jazz archtops.  guitar

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  D'Angelico.  NYS-2FH.   CUSTOM.

#099  NYS-2FH   2012.   Made to Order.   1/1

Made to my personal spec.  Perfect! 

The NYS-2 is the small body New Yorker at 15.5" wide, 2.75"deep with a 24.75" scale.   

I personally prefer this size  -  it is comfortable, lightweight and easy to play, retaining all the tone, depth and character of the full sized models when amplified.

The catalogue NYS has a mini humbucker (and its a very good guitar)  but I wanted the tonal spectrum of a full sized humbucker.  It really brings this guitar alive.     Additionally it is finished in Custom Violinburst, with body mounted controls and a solid, carved Ebony pickguard.   It looks stunning and its tone is amazing.  It is the only one in this spec.

Price 4350     Stunning  

For pics and full details, just click on the pic


#109  Neubauer Jazz 17".

Strongly influenced by the designs of Franz Hirsch,  this was most probably made by his son Anton Neubauer in the early 50's.

This lovely old hand carved archtop is all about style and tone.    It has the most complete, majestic, jazzy tone with bags of acoustic volume.    There are absolutely no signs of a pickup ever having been fitted to this genuine acoustic jazz guitar, having lived its entire life in the German Gypsy community.

Price   950    Amazing tone. 

For pics and full details, just click on the pic  

  Rodebald Hoyer JAZZSTAR.

#111  Rodebald Hoyer JAZZSTAR.  1961.   

Rodebald Hoyer was known for his excellent selection of tone woods and his archtops were renown for superb tone with massive acoustic volume.    So this big voice, powerful acoustic archtop is set-up for Big-Band work as a part of my Rhythm Section collection.

This is a very attractive, hand-carved Bavarian archtop that really looks good  and sounds rich and vibrant.   Rodebalds are a well kept secret and are seriously undervalued simply because they are generally unknown.

Price 725     Worth much more   

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  hofner parts for sale
  My latest (and final) Custom Hofner project is coming on nicely and should be finished early next year.    Then I shall hang up my apron and give the workshop a thorough Spring Clean.    So now seems like a good time to go through all my surplus spare parts and offer them to Hofner lovers and restorers wherever you are.


HOFNER PARTS    For details, pics and prices:

  hofner parts for sale


This is NOT a headstock Fascia.

It is THE original Workshop MASTER,  from the Bubenreuth factory,  kept by me as a memento of a factory visit a long while ago!

This is simply a nice, original and genuine item of memorabilia to hang in your workshop!

The Inlay is set into a hard resin based fibre board.

The pic below shows the word MASTER written in Chalk.

It was used as a pattern and a guide in the days when headboards were inlaid by hand.




hofner parts for sale 






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