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  The single pickup, hand carved, collection.
  Ironically,  it was only when I acquired #096 in August 2012, the only guitar in the collection that is not carved, that I decided to remodel my collection, focussing only on single pickup, hand carved, unashamedly jazzy, archtops.   

I already had a few  -  for me the single pickup is the ideal spec (and preferably small bodied too)  -  so all subsequent additions to the collection have been single pickup with the exception of #102 which I just could not resist.    Yes,  one-offs are my other passion!!


  La Provençale  #015    Hofner AZ AWARD  #044  

Benedetto Fratello #055

  The Electric Jazz Café   #058    D'Angelico NYL-5  #064   Guild Benedetto JS Award  #086
  Campellone 16" Std  #089   Guild Benedetto JS Award  #094   Guild X-500S  #096
  Guild Benedetto X-700s  #098   D'Angelico NYS-2 FH   #099   Byrdland by Jim Triggs  #100


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