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D'Angelico Gig-bags.     Vestax period  1999-2008.

  I had seen photos of D'Angelico's Gig-bag on the accessories page of their early "Coltsfoot" catalogue but in more than ten years I had never seen one.    I had the opportunity to acquire this one in the US last year and bought it out of interest.     It is for an NYS-2 but is a good fit for the NYSS-3b and NYSD models too.

Here are a series of pics with my NYS-2 acoustic and electric for perspective.


  This size is for the smaller bodied NYS-2.
  Lightweight and easy to carry but very robust.
  The lid opens wide, just like a case, for good access.   Deeply padded interior.
  Velcro strap limits any movement in transit.
  It has the D'Angelico quality feel about it.    Something of a style icon too.
  Two large storage compartments in the lid.
  A full sized pouch at the head.
  High-tech fabric.    It is insulated, it breathes and is waterproof.   The logo is machine embroidered.
  Backpack straps and a carry handle too.
  A small pouch on the back of the head.
  Something of a Rolls Royce of a Gig-bag.      Real craftsmanship here, just like the Vestax guitars.

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