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Rodebald Hoyer. Jazzstar Mahogany.

  The Register of these stylish, opulent guitars currently includes 19 "Mahoganies"  identified by their dates.    Details have been provided by current or recent owners and from information gathered from eBay or other internet resources when these guitars were last sold.   

A few guitars are known at present only by their photos.   If you recognise any of these "owner unknown" guitars, and can supply date information, it would be much appreciated.   

The date of each guitar is shown below exactly as it is stamped in the body, sometimes with a leading 0 and sometimes not  ..... and sometimes with a space and sometimes not.

Also, the current owner of each guitar is shown beneath the date and, where known, the previous owner too.

This Register is being updated on a continuing basis.


Many thanks to Kield Frithiof Andersson for providing much of the information contained here.


Alan Cramp.   Feb 2022  (with continuous updates).



The first Mahogany appears.   The body has a laminated Mahogany top and back with Maple sides and tortoiseshell binding.   The neck is multi-stripe including Mahogany.  The January example continues with the asymmetric headstock used in earlier models but, by August, the design has developed into the shape more commonly recognised as a Jazzstar wit the familiar centre wedge in red marbled pearloid with white marbled pearloid either side.

It is possible that the January guitar may perhaps be a Tango.   More research is needed. 

  13.1.59    24 8 59   7 9 59
  Unknown   Tobias Stepper   Sean Hannah
    Simon Graugaard   Alan Cramp

Florian Gurken

  7 9 59  

14 9 59


28 9 59

  Yann Wyssenbach  




  German Vintage Guitars rest'd        
  Unknown (sold by ReForged)        

The f-hole shape was re-designed for 1960 with a longer, more stylish shape closing with rounder holes than the previous oval holes.

4 7 60 Sports an elaborate but not typical headstock fascia.   It maybe original but perhaps a repair or upgrade.   It would be nice to see more photos of this guitar.

Two of these 60's instruments have been superbly restored.  The first by Herbert Rittinberger and the second by Martin Kemmler.   

  4 7 60  

5 9 60


10 10 60


Lewis Lovsin

        Herbert Rittingberger restor'd
  10 11 60   Unknown   Unknown


  Linas Peciura
  Unknown   12 12 60    
  Unknown   Unknown    
  Martin Kemmler restored        

Not any obvious changes here for the final Mahogany.

  16 5 61        
  Unknown       Updated 05.06.2022


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