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  Hofner  -   Four 4570s from the sixties.
  #002  Front and back.    
  This page features #002 but here are three more 4570's to show the evolution of this model.   

#023 is the oldest, dated around 1960 and shows bar position markers,  a wedge fascia in Brown and White with a single Toaster (Type 2) pickup and Hofner's "Flick Switch" control panel.    

#002 represents the next development with triple dot position markers (like the President of the same era), Harebell fascia (again like the President), a single 511 pickup and rotary controls. 

#019 moves on to the mid/late 60's, now with Verithin type position markers,  type 513 pickups and three rotary controls, one for Master Volume and two for individual Tone.    

Finally #041 takes us into the very late 60's with revised f-holes, double-dot position markers, a type 511(iii) pickup (introduced in 1967) and the correct pickguard of the period revealing more f-hole for better acoustic sound.


  #023 #002  
  #019 #041  


Note the different tailpieces.  

The correct tailpiece for the 4570 (and the 457) is as shown on #023 and #041    This is listed as the type 62/7 in Hofners Parts Catalogue of the period and is generally a good way of identifying 4570s and 457s.    #022 had been lightly restored and a 4560 trapeze tailpiece used.   

I restored #019 myself and its new owner specified the use of the popular Harp tailpiece.    Here is a pic showing #019 before restoration with its correct 62/7 tailpiece fitted.     .


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