When it arrived here, a perfect body with no holes drilled in it, I formed the concept of the Jazz Café.    It would be a purely acoustic archtop, harking back to an age when acoustic jazz guitars had flair and simplicity in their design.   I decided to go for Art Deco influences hence the Gold Grovers.  

The pickguard is hand carved from Brazilian Rosewood to match the rosewood fingerboard and designed not to obscure the f-holes which have been enlarged by 7% to improve projection.    It has no visible means of support and can be raised or lowered with the bridge to maintain a constant relationship with the strings.   The tailpiece is also hand carved and finished from the same piece of rosewood.     As a result, the guitar has an opulent feel about it.   

To play, the tone is rich with good projection.    It is very sensitive to touch and responds well to variations in attack.   Harmonics are brilliant and harp-like. 

  Design Concept Drawing.   Finished Guitar.
  Polished & Dressed, ready to build.   Stunning Brazilian Rosewood.

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