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  #011   Hofner 4577.  
    The 4577 is the thin version of the 477  (One of Hofner's model numbering oddities).   

The full bodied 477 is one up on spec from the 457 with Spruce top and a wider body to give richer tone and increased volume.   The 477 and the 4577 are quality models but without much ornamentation and mine is an early 70's guitar with a one piece Maple, half heel, neck with single dot markers.    

I can only get a jazzy tone with this when I use 12's.   With lighter gauge strings it is pure Rock, Pop, Beat.

The finish is much warmer than the usual "Blood and Custard".     I have only seen one other in this Sunset colour and it is a 477 of the same era and resides in Herr Benker's collection in Bubenreuth.


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