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  #024   Hofner Committee Thinline.    Serial No 1502

  Another exceptional Hofner, this time a '65 Committee Thinline in near perfect condition and still in its original Selmer case.     I couldn't believe my eyes when Mike opened the case.     It had been his since new and he gave me photos of him playing it in 1965.     How many more outstanding guitars are there just waiting to be discovered!

I was only able to part with this lovely guitar once I played my A2HL.   (#031).     Similar in so many ways visually but quite different to play, the  A2HL is a much nicer guitar but, as with so much in Hofner's past, it didn't last.     Meanwhile the Committee has an enduring place in Hofner history and my friend Keith B did not hesitate.     Last I heard, he took 1502 to Florida and it was accompanying Rod Stewart at a private party.

Great fun this Hofner hunting!


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