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  #030   1985 Guild X-500 Stuart.
  A work of art  -  and probably the best tone of any guitar I have owned!
  Guild always achieve the nicest sunbursts.
  The back looks great too  .....  why haven't I taken any pics of the back!
  Guild's Classic Split G Shield.   For a while the X-500 was top of the range.
  This is one of only 13 Stuarts made in 1985  -  a classic, handmade, jazz archtop, built when Guild were at the height of their abilities.    The sunburst that Guild used in '85 was a rich, deep, warm tone  -  just like a polished new "Conker"!

With its replacement pickups,  this one is just pure Johnny Smith!     Pure "Moonlight in Vermont".   Perhaps that is not surprising as most of his  early recordings were made with his trusty Stuart and his D'Angelico.     He was reported to be quite disappointed with the Johnny Smith model Guild made for him when he asked them to make him a "near copy" of his D'A".    Apparently it fell a long way short of John D'Angelicos design and it seems he went back to playing his Stuart.    No surprise there!

I let John Etheridge play mine a few years ago.    When he started playing, his immediate reaction was  "Oh, that's really jazzy".    I agree.



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