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  #053   2001 Guild Benedetto Masterbuilt Stuart.
  Looks great, plays great,  sounds great.      It must be great!
  Quality, quality, quality!    Guild's classic deep cutaway.
  Fabulous flame Maple neck.  
  The "Masterbuilt" guitars.

When Bob Benedetto re-worked the X-700 Stuart he made a limited edition of 50 or so of the highest quality.   These were known as the Masterbuilt series and had serial numbers GBB1000-1052.    In general, their labels simply call the Model  "Stuart",  no reference to X-700.    The only way you will know whether you have a Masterbuilt guitar is that it will say "Masterbuilt" on the Certificate of Authenticity.     

All the GBB models have Westerly labels even though most were not finished or sold until after 2001


I really love my old '86 Stuart but it has a few issues and I wanted to know whether Bob Benedetto had lifted the X-500 to a new level.    I found this one in California and it had hardly been played!

My first impressions were entirely to do with its looks.    It's a work of art and I had it in my hands for a full five minutes before I plugged it in.      Acoustically, it was full and sweet with bags of volume.    Through my AER 60 Combo it was rich and powerful.    If only I could play better!   

But again, it's a big guitar and it feels big.  It's heavy too and somehow my '86 is more nimble and it has those sweet, sweet, Johnny Smith sounding pickups.   

I have to keep a closed lid on my collection  -  I only have space for eight guitars.    My '86 Rhode Island Stuart or this 2001 Guild Benedetto Stuart?    Tough choice!


The serial number GBB1050 was manufactured in May 2001.


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