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1980's Hofner Shorty Bass Speziale.



Hofner's Shorty was intended for fun ... for travelling and gigging ... and sometimes maybe for practise.

The current crop of CT shorties are widely available and are very good value for money.

But the original Shorty Bass is something else.    Almost by accident, they turned out to be amazingly good and extremely versatile basses.

I was privileged recently to show pics of this guitar to Hubert Kaa at Hofner.   Hofner Hounds will know his name!    His reaction said it all "Ahh ... an Original!" 

Yes, original Shorty Basses are building a reputation all of their own and this one is a Speziale.   It is the only known Shorty Bass with an Ebony fingerboard and it really makes a difference.

This is a nice guitar to play which does much more than just "thump" in the background.    This one plays real notes.   

Nice n jazzy  -  pretty rocky too.

It would look great on stage.  



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