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  #060   1976 Guild X-175 Manhattan.





These 70's Guild Archtops are one of the best kept secrets of the Jazz Guitar world.     At a time when Gibson was losing its way,  Guild earned the reputation of being the Stradivarius of Jazz Guitars,  pre-eminent for tone,  quality and finish.    All hand made to a very high specification, the instruments built at the Westerly Plant on Rhode Island are considered the crown jewels in Guild's long history.    In recent times, Guilds are known for their superb flat-tops but, for those in the know, the late 60ís and 70's Guild Archtops have special qualities that set them above the rest.

This lovely Manhattan comes from that Golden age.

In the 70's, the Manhattan (coded X-175) was an important instrument in the range.    In most respects it was like the X-500 Stuart but with Nickel not Gold Fittings and without the heavy decoration of the top models.   That put it squarely up against Gibsons ES 175 ........... and in the '70's it was no contest  -  the Guild won hands down in every respect!

Beautifully mellowed now, the Vintage Sunburst has faded just a little, and the tone has improved over the years to give a superbly jazzy timbre.   

This guitar is all about tone - the Spruce top shows the craft of its maker.     It is a deeply arched archtop,  just like those early 40's Gibsons.      It is a player's guitar through and through and clearly has been played over the years yet still looks amazingly good.   

Guild always achieved the best Amber tones for their Sunburst and, with a little fading,  it now shows lacquer checking all over although it still has an intensity of finish which polishes to a really deep shine.   



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