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  #063   HOFNER 457 PRESIDENT SPECIAL.      Last in Series.



c1996/7 Hofner 457 President Special.

Believed to be Unique!


This is clearly the last of the line of 457's but has several specific features that distinguish it from the normal 457.    In particular, it has a deeper than normal body, Ebony fingerboard and Gold hardware.   It seemed to me that this guitar had all the features of the New President and I suspected it might well be a prototype of the new model.    

In 2009,  I was able to show pics and discuss this guitar with Klaus Schller,  Graham Stockley and Hubert Kaa at Hofner.     They confirmed that this 457 might possibly have been a special  customer order but, taking into account all the distinguishing features  (the year, the choice of woods, body size,  finish,  and hardware)  it is most likely to be the final prototype for the New President which shares all these features, whereas the 457 had none of them.    The only difference between this and the NP is that this one has a laminated top.     Either way,  its a great guitar  -  very jazzy, with a nice slim neck and great tone!  

It is complete with its original case and in perfect, original, mint condition showing just a few checking lines on the Spruce top.   It is from an era when Hofner used a polyester type finish and the checking lines are quite distinctive but characteristic of its period.   There is no label with this instrument,  in common with most Hofner prototypes.

If this is the last of the Presidents it makes a very fitting tribute to a long line of superb guitars that saw a gentle transition from Rock to Jazz.     


  More pics available on request.


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