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  #073   Hofner  "The Burgundy President".  
  I believe this to be an important Hofner.    It was discovered in Germany,  very close to the Bubenreuth factory, in rather poor condition.    It has now been lightly restored, made good and set-up nicely.   It has superb tone  -  quite jazzy for a "rock guitar"!
  These 60's Presidents are surprisingly lightweight compared with modern jazz archtops.
  As I said,  I believe this to be an important Hofner with quite a history.     

It is another old guitar that was "acquired" by a Hofner employee when the old factory closed.    I know this to be so because bought it directly from his family.

It is a President Thin E1 (something Hofner did not have in its catalogue of the period)  in a colour that was more associated with Framus than Hofner.

At first I thought it to be one of several "Specials" that Hofner regularly made for Exhibition,  but I remember seeing one very similar to this in Selmer's shop window in the mid-60's.     

It had been abandoned in a dark corner of the factory until departing employees took with them whatever they could carry when the Bubenreuth factory closed.

This guitar has been the subject of a loving restoration.    When you have a guitar in your hands every day, working in fine detail, you learn a great deal about each instrument.    Now I believe this guitar to be a prototype made to show Werner Pöhlert in 1964.

The President is a joy,  very jazzy, mellow and rich sounding and the nicest playing  President I ever have played.


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