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  #077   HOFNER 477.  


1980's Hofner 477.


The 477 was Hofner's big body jazz archtop in the 1980's, measuring a full 17" lower bout by 3 " (90 mms) deep.     So, in size, nearer the Committee than the President but with those very distinctive f-holes that let you know its a 477.   Satisfying the jazz player's desire for simplicity without ornamentation, it has single dot markers and a single Master Volume control with separate Tone controls.   Only the multiple binding gives a clue to its quality.    The top is laminated Spruce and the back and sides are nicely flamed laminated Maple.

The neck is Hofners single-piece Hard Rock Maple with a half heel and fitted with a large radius Rosewood fingerboard and is a delight to play.


This is a jazz players dream .... sweet but punchy, the twin 513s rank as Hofners best in my opinion and the resulting Tone from this "Big Body" equals Gibson's best.    477s come in a variety of finishes but this "Sunset" version is a genuine tribute to Barney Kessel!     It is very similar to my 4577 (#11 in the Collection).

In the 80's Hofner used a polyester type finish which weather-checks more prominently than cellulose.   This 477 is  showing just a few checking lines,  some running around the sides as well, nonetheless it is only in the finish. 

In all other respects it is in perfect condition and is all original with its original 17" fitted case.   

Overall,  this is a great archtop  -  very jazzy, with a nice slim neck and a wide tonal spectrum!   Hardly any discernable play-wear,  set up just right,   you won't be able to put this one down .............. !     




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