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  #084  Hofner A2L.      1978 - 86.
  Designed for the discerning Jazz guitarist.   Hofner's 052 pickup is just right!
  Stunning looks and top-quality build, and a specially designed pickup, this is a serious jazz archtop!     The new tailpiece design enabled string pressure on the Bridge to be adjusted.   The replacement pickguard is hand carved from Ziricote Rosewood.
  Top of the range headstock without logo! Hardrock Maple neck and headstock.  
  In 1978,  Hofner launched the A2L as an out and out Jazz guitar.    It was top of their range, taking over from the 471, and remained their top model until the introduction of the AZ.    It is a full bodied 3" deep archtop and incorporates Hofner's specially designed 052 jazz pickup, renowned for its superb rich, mellow, jazzy tone with a sweet, even response across all strings.    In order to signal that this was Hofner's top model it has the double Fleur-de-Lys motif on the headstock and Committee-like inlay on the back.    The tailpiece,  new for this model,  gave the guitarist the opportunity to adjust string pressure on the Bridge.   Quite a good move and continued on the AZ later.

The pickup feeds through a conventional volume pot but the tone control employs Hofners acoustic-filter.   This allows the high frequencies through whilst acting as a tone pot below 1800Hz so the natural tone of the instrument comes through.    It also means that the treble tones are not weakened as you roll-off to the mid-position.     Nice!

Interestingly, the HOFNER logo has not been applied to this instrument but the Hofner label attests to its authenticity.    I have now owned three Hofners which do not have the logo on the headstock!

This lovely A2L is in outstanding condition in every respect except that there is a little separation of the binding on the back just around the inside of the cutaway.     It is also entirely original apart from its missing pickguard so it now sports a hand carved Rosewood pickguard made from Ziricote (an attractive form of Rosewood).   

This is indeed a very serious Jazz Archtop.


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