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  #091  Gibson Tal Farlow Custom.     2009
  A one-piece Maple back  -  just like the original.
  Tal started out with an L5 and restyled it to his own design,  with that trademark mandolin scroll in the cutaway.    It has a thinner body incorporating a laminated Maple top.   This 2009 Custom Shop re-issue uses beautifully flamed Maple veneers all round.
  Superb flowing lines of Tal's stylish design. 
  Artistic touches everywhere.
  Tal Farlow was my introduction to guitar jazz.     In my late teens,  I was mesmerised by his artistry.    

There has always been a place in my collection waiting for a '60's Tal Farlow.    Only 215 or so were made and I have not yet seen one I really wanted.   I think all the good ones are spoken for but I shall keep on looking.

When I was offered this 2009 Custom Shop re-issue,  mint and virtually unplayed, I couldn't say No!    I have to say that I didn't expect great things from it but, after a full set-up, I am pleasantly surprised at how nice it is to play.    It has significantly better tone that those old Tal recordings.

Its body is slightly thinner than the L5 it was based on and it make quite a difference to the comfort of playing the guitar.    Most of the other changes that Tal introduced are cosmetic but the overall guitar is a delight to look at and a really jazzy instrument to play  -  very stylish.

Mint and beautiful with its original Custom Shop case and candy.   



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