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  #092   Hofner  456.    1957 Blonde.
  A nice, straightforward 456, Maple top in Blonde with a Hofner Type 513 pickup assembly.   Not to be confused with a type 513 pickup. (very different).
  The original jack output was a continental 60's co-axial screw-in type  -  awkward, ugly and in the way!     I asked James Payze to replace the output socket with a Rhythm Switch.   The switch has a trim pot controlling the amount of "cut".    At the moment it is set to cut the volume to about 70% on Rhythm which feels right but it is adjustable.
  Hofners classic 50's 456 headstock which it shared with the 457 on a 3 piece neck.
  This is  really nice 1957 456.   The 456 is identical to the more common 457 except that the 456 has a Maple top whereas the 457 has Spruce.  Laminates in both cases so purely decorative.

As a pre-truss-rod example, it has that thicker neck profile necessary to keep the neck straight and true.     It plays really well and is in superb condition with the most amazing finish for a 55 year old guitar  -  hardly a mark on it.

The single-coil pickup gives it that true 50's sound although I suspect that the pickup assembly is a 60's unit!



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