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  #095  GUILD X-500B STUART.    1986  Rhode Island.     
  The jazz guitarists choice!     Blonde - just like Johnny Smith's favourite Guild.
  Perfect!      From Guilds Golden era at Waverley.   Rhode Island.  
  Superbly detailed.
  Style icon.   The classic split G shield.   Nothing but the best!
   Real craftsmen left their mark here!
  My love of these genuine Waverley., Rhode Island., full body archtops grows stronger with each new acquisition.    From the Golden Age of Guild jazz guitars, they were always so beautifully crafted with meticulous detail and superb finish, but it's that short scale/full body combination that gets me every time!    

Loved by jazz guitarists for its pure tone and legendary resistance to feedback, the sound of this guitar is 100% Guild.     Put it through a Polytone Amp and you are immediately back to the 50's East Coast.    It has that classic jazzy sound that only comes from a hand built archtop of this quality.

This is one of only 16 Stuarts made in 1986  -  a classic, handmade, jazz archtop, built when Guild were at the height of their abilities.    The Blonde jazz guitars were not so common at that time but now are much sought after.    Guild always used the best of woods on their Blonde instruments and the grain on this guitar is superb.    It has lived in its case, un-played,  since 1987 and so the natural finish has stayed nice and light in colour (like new) with very little aging.

It was purchased new by a budding singer/songwriter, who tragically died a year later.    Her guitar, still like new, was kept by her fiancée for 25 years (just occasionally checked over and lovingly polished).    I acquired it directly from him in 2012.

The tone is mellow and sweet or bright and punchy, depends how you set it up.     I intend to play it in, gently, over the next few years to try and bring out the best of these old woods.




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