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  #096   1975 Guild X-500 Special.    Single pickup.
  A sweet,  sweet jazzer if ever I saw one!
  The second coil sits exactly at the second harmonic  -  that's why it is sweet!
  Amazing Rocky Mountain grain.    I've not seen another one so good!!
  But beneath the Rocky Mountain,  this fabulous flamed Maple.
  The sides are massively flamed as well.
  The label reads  X-500  bld spec.                Joe Giglio* with #096 around 1996
  * Joe is still an active pro jazz guitarist and can be found playing in the Clubs and Bars in and around NY  -  He writes regularly for Just Jazz Guitars magazine.
  Guild's Classic Split G Shield with top of the range Gold fittings.
  This is one of only 2* known single pickup X-500 Stuarts.    It was special ordered in 1974 by Charly Adams and made and delievered in '75.    Charly was a full time New York studio pro guitarist and I have "spoken" to him about this guitar and verified its provenance.    One of his friends decided also to order a similar guitar but in sunburst.

Later, Charly sold it to George Mell.    George  (Giorgio Melaga) was a New York musician who owned a small guitar shop on Staten Island.  NY.    Apparently, it was to George that most of New York's pro jazz players would turn for their instruments  -  rather like Ivor Mairants in London in the 60/70's.  

(Ref: Premier Guitars Magazine. June Issue. 2010  "Big Apple Guitar Shops: Then and Now"

The two guitars George ordered were special in that they each had only one pickup.    These days we prefer single pickup models for that sweet jazz tone but back in 1976 it was a very forward thinking request.    This instrument was finished in Natural,  the other in Sunburst.    It is believed that the Sunburst guitar was destroyed in a house fire.

For a while,  this guitar was owned and used daily by a Staten Island guitar teacher who worked by day for George Mell in his shop and taught or played in Clubs late into the night.     Joe Giglio, a well known NY jazz guitarist,  who can still be found playing in the Clubs and Bars in and around NY  and who still writes regularly for Just Jazz Guitars magazine,  remembers acquiring this guitar from that guitar teacher (name forgotten  - I have asked Joe but it is lost in the mist of time).

Subsequently it has spent time in one or two notable collections and I acquired it (August 2012) from a pro NY jazz guitarist now living in California.

So,  its been around this guitar (and probably much more than I have been able to discover) but it seems to me that a guitar that has been used and appreciated by so many professionals, must have something special about it.    It certainly looks fantastic and I get the impression that it has been revered for its looks as much as its tone.   Perhaps that is why it is still in outstanding condition and not showing any real signs of wear. 

It certainly appears to be all original and still looks stunning. 



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