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  #098  GUILD BENEDETTO X-700.    Single Pickup.

Guild Master Built - Benedetto Signature Stuart.    2006.

                     The quintessential jazz archtop.      Stunning!
  Perfect!      One of the last Benedettos from Corona.
  Fully documented.     Essential for retaining its value.
  Made in April 2006  -  one of the last Guild Benedettos to be made.
  Style icon  -  the classic split G shield but no X-700 on the Benedetto truss rod cover.
  This has to be the ultimate Guild Stuart spec  -  a single, fixed humbucker, all hand carved Benedetto, finished in this gorgeous non standard Claret cellulose from the Benedetto catalogue.    

Only two X-700s were finished in Claret,   both were single pickup models   -   CBB1000015 and CBB1000031.    #015 has its controls in the Benedetto position whereas #031 has its controls in the customary Guild position.   So, two unique guitars!


    CBB1000015   CBB1000031
  Note:   Both these guitars are finished in Claret.   #015 looks more like Guild's Cherry finish but this pic was taken with flashlight.    (Reds are difficult with digital).    The right hand pic is more accurate for colour unless the guitar is in bright sunlight.
  "Claret", #829, is from the Benedetto range and has not previously been used on any Guild Benedetto models.    These are the only two X-700s finished in Claret according to Fender Customer Service.    Both are single pickup models.

It is a translucent finish and so looks deep and rich in normal light but  is bright and see-through in sunlight.    The two pics above show the contrast.   This pic (below) shows how alive the finish becomes in bright sunlight.    So,  not only moody but stunning!

  Yes,  that's a really bold flame Maple on the back, sides and neck.

The Benedetto X-700.

Loved by jazz guitarists for their pure tone and notable resistance to feedback, the sound of these all carved, solid-top, X-700s is more Benedetto than Guild.      Put it through a Polytone Amp and you are immediately into that rich, majestic, classic jazzy sound that only comes from a hand built archtop of this quality.

All the Benedetto models have fully carved bodies  -  that means a carved solid Spruce top,  a carved solid Maple back and formed solid Maple sides all mated to three piece Maple necks, either heavily flamed or curly Maple with long scale neck.

CBB100031 was inspected and approved by Stephen Stern and signed-off by Bob Benedetto on 31st March 2006 which must make it one of the very last to be made!   Note: X-700 numbers are not sequential.  eg  CBB 100058 was made in 2004.

  Real craftsmen left their mark here! CBB100031 was signed off by none other than the legendary Stephen Stern.

Stephen Stern.

Senior Master Builder.

As one of the preeminent archtop builders at the Custom Shop, Stephen Stern has studied under two of the world’s greatest archtop luthiers - Jimmy D’Aquisto and Bob Benedetto. 

Stern got his start apprenticing at a high-end cabinet shop straight out of high school.  Five years of that prepared him for his first job as a builder at Jackson/Charvel Guitars.  Stern came to the Custom Shop in 1993, working with D’Aquisto on the latter’s namesake line of guitars until the great luthier’s death in 1995.

In the late ’90s, millionaire collector Scott Chinery commissioned a number of custom archtop guitars by two dozen of the world’s finest living luthiers; Stern contributed a custom-built D’Aquisto Ultra.  Chinery’s “Blue Guitar Collection” is now housed in the Smithsonian Institution.  Stern also built a handful of exquisite archtops in collaboration with the Walt Disney Co. to commemorate the anniversary of the animated classic Fantasia.   

He has lead the Corona team working with Bob Benedetto from 2001  -  2005 and is still in day to day charge of all Custom models.





CBB1000031 was made in Apr 2006:

Model Name: X-700 STUART Single Pickup. (Benedetto® Signature)

Model Number: 360-9501-829

Category: Custom Shop Carved Archtop Electric Jazz Guitars

Body Style: Single Cutaway (17" in Width, 3" in Depth)

Scale Length: 25 9/16"

Top: Hand Carved, Graduated Solid European Spruce

Bracing: N/A

Back: Solid Figured German Maple

Sides: Solid Figured German Maple

Neck: 5-Piece Curly Maple

Width at Nut: 1-11/16"

Fretboard: Ebony (12" Radius)

Bridge: Ebony

Hardware: Deluxe Gold Hardware

Electronics: 1 Benedetto® A-6 Pickup

1-Volume Control.     1 Tone Control

Finish: High Gloss (Nitro-cellulose Lacquer)

Colour: Special Finish (829) Claret from the Benedetto range

Special Features: Inlaid Abalone Benedetto Logo at 19th Fret,

Guild Shield Motif on headstock,

Engraved Harp Tailpiece,

Imperial Tuners,

Arched Top,

Bound F-Holes,

Deluxe Mother-of-Pearl and Abalone Block Inlays,

Sleek Black Stairstep Pickguard,

Improved Fingerboard Extension Design

Case: Includes C4526 Deluxe Hardshell Case, p/n 3501075208

U.S. MSRP: $10,000.00 in 2004

Options: N/A

Strings: Guild L5350 Stainless Steel Flatwound,

Gauges .012P, .016P, .024W, .032W, .042W, .052W

Introduced: 1/2002

Discontinued: 2006


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