Super Tuscans Tour 2014.    September 14th - 28th.



A fantastic holiday  -  great driving, stunning scenery, architecture of amazing beauty, Astons everywhere, and all in the company of like minded people.    Lots of fun!

  Whilst we drove down to Tuscany another couple took the Ferry from Portsmouth to Santander and drove from there.    All the other Astons drove via Eurotunnel to Belgium, then to Holland and took the train to Livorno.

We really didn't want to do that and instead chose a route that would revisit places Joni remembered from a holiday in the 60's, then on to Geneva which I remember from the 70's.

So this felt like a holiday in two parts,  the drive down to Tuscany, then the Aston Tour back home.

  This is our photo Album, in four sections:
      The Driving Stuff.   
      The Route.
       Picture Gallery 1.  The drive down.
       Picture Gallery 2.  Tuscany, The Italian Lakes and The Alps.
  Driving Stuff.    The Route.   Picture Gallery 1.   Picture Gallery 2.