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The justjazzguitars collection of vintage and rare jazz archtops.

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 jazz guitars for sale

  Guitars for Sale.    guild x-700 for sale  
  One-off, Benedetto scale long neck X-700,  hand crafted at Guild's Custom Shop.
  Beautiful, hand-carved close grain Spruce top with Johnny Smith styled electrics.
  Hand carved, one-piece Flame Maple back with matching sides and heavily Flamed 5 piece Maple neck.   
  Guild X-700 for sale
   Like new
  Guild X-700 for sale
  This type of printed serial number identifies it as made in Guild's Custom Shop
  Guild X-700 for sale
   Unusual for Guild,  genuine Johnny Smith styled electrics on a bound pickguard

 Guild X-700 for sale

  Definitely a special.    The pickup mounting plate is stamped "Custom Shop"
  Guild X-700 for sale
  Makers marks?   T for Treble,  B for Bass and the initials LYN.    Any suggestions??
   Guild X-700 for sale
  Guild's Custom Shop in Nashville enjoys a well earned a reputation for excellent craftsmanship.

This superb X-700 is a Guild Custom Shop Special made in 1999.   

It is superb in every way.   It has a massive acoustic voice and a majestic, mellow rich amplified tone.  It is of outstanding quality and in fine, fine condition.

It is quite a departure from a standard Rhode Island X-700.

-  It has a Benedetto Scale, neck and so has model designation X-700 LS on the label to denote "Long Scale"

-  The floating Johnny Smith pickup is mounted on a Johnny Smith style pickguard and takes its design cues equally from early 70's guild shapes and from current Benedetto models.

-  The pickguard is bound with black/white binding which I have not seen before on a Guild.

-  The pickup appears to be a true Johnny Smith mini humbucker,  not the normal Guild floating pickup.

When I first saw this guitar I thought it was a customer special order for a X-700 with Johnny Smith electrics.     But the Custom Shop records show this guitar to have been made as one of a pair (the other is Sunburst)  and I understand that a further two guitars were made later.   So it is one of just four examples.   Certainly it is a beautiful, hand crafted guitar with massive voice and great tone.  

It was sent new to Europe.

Bearing in mind that this guitar was made in June 1999,  has the Benedetto scale,  and has a bound pickguard that looks rather like a Benedetto Fratello with a pickup,  might it perhaps have been a pre-Benedetto model showing what a Benedetto X-700 might look like.   There are distinct similarities.

Either way its a great guitar.  It has an enormous acoustic voice, just the way a good hand made archtop should be,  which when amplified really comes alive.      

All original and in fine condition.    A delight to play and highly collectable.

I was fortunate to have acquired it from the original owner who has cared for it meticulously since 1999 and he vouched that nothing has been changed.   Looking at the guitar I can go along with that.   It is absolutely pristine except for two tiny surface bruises on the top.   The case, however,  is for a flat top not an archtop.   Perhaps this was the only case the Custom Shop had that would take the Benedetto scale neck!!

   Price :  3,950 plus shipment (Insurance optional).   For overseas shipment please ask.



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