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  #108   HOFNER 450 DELUXE.
  Rather like an ES-150.One-off,
  Superb straight grain Maple on the sides and back suits the rich vintage sunburst.
  The sunburst really glows in sunlight.
  Hofners type 513 pickup is one of their best.
  Clean design lines just like new.
   Like new

One of the last 450's made - probably late 70'/80's

Collector's grade in Vintage Sunburst.


The 450 was Hofner's longest serving model, introduced in 1954 and phased out in 1984.    Initially it was a budget model, made entirely of Maple, with a solid neck and headstock and laminated body.  

Over the years it was refined to become a good acoustic rhythm guitar in the 60's then a more serious orchestra/jazz archtop but still always Maple.

In the early 70's Hofner upgraded the 450, restyling it close to the appearance of Gibsons ES-150    The Maple body was re-designed with a more modern construction and with the "new" half heel, one-piece solid Hard Rock Maple neck, a wood that Hofner still use to the current day (although the half heel became unfashionable in the 80's).

These changes pretty much transformed the 450 to become a serious archtop, not sold in the UK,  but popular in Continental Europe.    It remained an acoustic model in the range but there have been one or two sightings of what are believed to be factory fitted electric versions right at the end of production.

This guitar is most likely to be one of the last and has been in the collection of a German collector since new.   It was catalogued there as a 450 DELUXE, a name that Hofner has used on occasions in the past.    Clearly it has hardly been played and so is just about as new as if it had just left the factory.   I acquired it directly from that collection because I had always wanted to know exactly what these sound like.    It was probably made as an acoustic and upgraded later with a correct period pickup.    It is perfectly set-up and has a powerful, well-balanced acoustic voice and, amplified becomes rich, full and resonant.   A great all rounder  -  outstanding in a Rock Band, ideal in a jazz environment and it excels as a blues guitar.



   Price :  875 plus shipment (Insurance optional).   For overseas shipment please ask.



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