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  Guitars for Sale.   Rodebald Hoyer Jazzstar.
  Quite stunning!   Elegant design and opulent woods combine to create Rodebald's masterpiece.
  The use of Mahogany, coupled with natural Maple sides and faux tortoiseshell binding, heighten its sense of "Style".
  Rodebald's trademark rounded binding terminates the cutaway.    The five piece neck is Mahogany, Maple and (I think) Tulip wood
  Which ever way you hold it, it looks good.
  The mahogany on the back is a slightly richer colour having not been exposed so much.    The top would have looked like this originally.
  Simple, unpretentious and no name!!    Only a date stamped inside to identify it.


Rodebald Hoyer (Rod) was born in Schoenbach (1909) in the German speaking part of what is now called the Czechoslovakia.   He worked alone with his father Anton and was later joined by Arthur Lang, as Anton's student.   The family were not related to Arnold Hoyer,  the better known guitar makers.   

Schoenbach was a centre for stringed instrument making but after WW11, the German speaking peoples were expelled from the Czech Republic and the luthier community migrated to Bavaria.

Rodebald set up his own workshop when his father died, concentrating mainly on archtops.    Initially, all his guitars were carved from solid woods but later a few laminate models were introduced.    Throughout, however, he continued to use solid sides rather than to use laminates and always made his own neck blanks which he carved himself.

Some guitars are labelled but most are not.


This is a special guitar  -  it is thought that only 15 or so "Mahogany" Jazzstars were made with cutaways and just a few earlier examples without cutaways. 

It is pure vintage.    The top and back are hand-formed Mahogany laminates with 3" solid Maple sides, made in Bavaria in 1959.    It has a very modern feel to the neck (no truss-rod) with a slender D shape profile and large radius fingerboard with 25.5" scale.

It is very elegant, almost deco, with its faux tortoiseshell binding     Structurally it is sound and stable  -  the frets are really good.

Musically,  it is superb.   It has a jazzy, mellow voice with a balanced tone and excellent projection.    Very musical  -  and very rewarding to play acoustically*.   

At 60 years old, it is in outstanding condition.    Cosmetically,  it looks amazing,  almost perfect.

  Price :  1,250 plus shipment (Insurance optional).   For overseas shipment please ask.





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