justjazzguitars is a collection of vintage and rare jazz archtops

The justjazzguitars collection of vintage and rare jazz archtops.

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  The Gibson Gallery.
  Gibson for sale   #001  Gibson '65 Byrdland.

This is where it all began  -  with a retirement present to myself!     A superb example of a Natural '65 Byrdland - the ultimate spec!     It was all original, with its original case, and in 9.5 condition with known provenance.   Including my ownership, it has been in just three collections over the past 30 years.     This was when I learned that a great guitar really helps you play better, however, this is one of the very narrow neck examples so a little tight to finger near the nut.     Featured in Guitar magazine Aug 2003.    

Now:   Bought by an investor/player.

  Gibson for sale   #007  Gibson ES-125T.

Quite a find, this.    A one owner guitar from Alabama.  Georgia, in its original case, in perfect MINT condition.     When I opened the case for the first time everything smelled of ripe tobacco leaves (not tobacco smoke).     Magical!   This was my first experience of a real P90 and I loved it.   I played it acoustic all that summer in the shade of the apple trees at the bottom of the garden.    In the evening I would play it through my Polytone Mini-Brute II.   The perfect Deep South Blues guitar.

Now:   Sold to make way for my second Byrdland.

  Gibson for sale   #008  Gibson ES-165.

A modern Gibson,  this is the single pickup version of Herb's 175 and designated "Herb Ellis" as a tribute.     A great guitar this, very jazzy and a beautiful thing to look at.   Massive flame all over!    There is something about the 175's, they are so easy to play.   With this in my hands, my playing just became more natural - a little more jazzy.

Choosing the right guitar is so important.

Now:   Sold to a friend to help fund my #009 Byrdland.

  Gibson for sale   #009  Gibson Byrdland.

A gorgeous guitar and a real Byrdland but heavier and somehow not as easy to play as my '65.

It was around this time that I discovered the joy of playing a Vestax D'Angelico.     Nothing else has come close since.

Now:   I was able to buy my NYL-5 on the strength of this.

  Gibson for sale   #022  Gibson ES-300N.

Very special.     A genuine 1946, Mint example with a single P90.     The first year of production after WW11 and Gibson made just a few examples of their top of the range instruments as they re-established production facilities.    Very, very rare.    Michael Jones,  who is highly respected and who values Gibsons for the Blue Book, says this is the best 300 he ever has seen.

Now:   Bought by someone who just did n't appreciate its importance.    SAD!

  Gibson for sale   #028  Gibson L4 CES.

The L4 is essentially an ES-175 with a carved Spruce top and lots of gold.   I thought the carved top would be a big step up from the Herb Ellis ..... but I just could n't get rid of massive feedback!     Shame, it was a lovely guitar but I always felt I had to hold back.

Now:   It went to a very happy buyer.

  Gibson for sale   #037  Gibson ES-175 STEVE HOWE.

It had been given to a Gibson endorsee at the end of a celebrity gig for Gibson's VIPs and record industry chiefs.    As he only played flat-tops he kept it as an investment and raise some cash when he was in need.     On stage that night it was played by Jimmy Vivino (see Jazzy Stuff).

So now I had a mint Steve Howe that had been played for just 30 mins.    This was a really, really nice guitar but the tone was just a little too "bright" for my jazzy taste.

Now:   Being played regularly in Sweden.

  Gibson for sale   #039  Gibson ES-175 CUSTOM.

I signed up for a weekend Jazz Guitar Workshop and took my Guild Stuart along.    When I got there everybody else had 175s.    There had to be something in this so I started looking for a nice one.     This had been a present for a 12 year old California girl who could n't handle it so I managed to negotiate a good deal.   There it was  -  a genuine Custom 175,  virtually unplayed.     We got along well until I found #053 Guild Benedetto Masterbuilt Stuart.    Full circle!

Now:   Somewhere in London.

    #040  Gibson ES-175 Anniversary Special.

Another California guitar,  reputed to have been played by Tom Petty!    I just could n't resist this stunning Black Beauty example.    Great to look at but not quite as jazzy as #039.

Now:  Played and gigged regularly not far from here.

  Gibson for sale   #043  Gibson ES JAZZ MASTER by Dan Torres.

This is a stunning guitar. 

Absolutely unique,  it looks,  plays and sounds amazing  ......  and it has a "Jazz Switch".

Custom ordered, and based on an ES Artist, it has a completely re-worked circuit by Dan Torres of California.     I just had to own a guitar with a "Jazz Switch".  It is my "Blues Baby"

Now :     

  Gibson for sale   #045  Gibson ES ARTIST.

A genuine, unmolested Artist in perfect working condition.   Very few were made and only a handful have survived. Very, very rare!

It has some highly sophisticated MOOG active electronics on board, giving "Compression",  "Expansion" and "Bright" effects in any combination of pickup selection.      It takes you right back to Steely Dan.   Awesome!

Now:    Recording in Redditch

  Gibson for sale   #079   Epiphone Elitist Byrdland.

I adore Byrdlands  -  they are special, and the Elitist Byrdland is legendary.   Although bearing the Epiphone badge,  Gibson believed this Custom series to be every bit as good as their own model.

I had to try for myself.     It took me two years to find this one, in Texas, but it was worth it.

Is it as good as the original?  .....  click on the pic!

Now:   In professional hands.06

  Gibson for sale   #091  Gibson  Tal Farlow Custom.

My interest in jazz began with a second hand copy of Tal Farlow's Impressions.   Its a great LP and a showcase for Tal's amazing style and technique.    Don't hesitate if you ever find a copy!

A always knew I would have a Tal Farlow at some stage.     There were not many made  -  just 215 made between 1962 - 69.    I have seen a few of them but not many in good condition.   I will keep looking but,  in the meanwhile,  I was offered this 2009 Custom Shop re-issue and couldn't refuse.    I was very pleasantly surprised.   Its a great instrument. 

Now:   With a very happy new owner.

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