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Rare, Vintage, Jazz, Archtop, Guitar, Gibson, Byrdland, D'Angelico, Guild, Hofner, Benedetto, Guitars for Sale, Guitar Collection,







Rare, Vintage, Jazz, Archtop, Guitar, Gibson, Byrdland, D'Angelico, Guild, Hofner,





  In the Workshop.
  #057 Hofner 190 Bass.
  1. On Arrival I photograph every detail.     It comes in useful later!
  It looks worse in real life than in the pics but it has amazing tone.   I am looking for a Bass that can sound like a full size Double Bass ..... something jazzy!   This one is halfway there already and definitely worth a full restoration.   The pickups may be the secret.   They are low impedance single coils by Schaller like the Melody Maker pickups Gibson used on the EB 300 and 400.

May also be the positioning of the pickups  -  one at the neck,  one in the middle position.     Yep,  that's it!

  The thick cellulose just won't stay on the edges of the oily Rosewood fingerboard.   I'll have to think about a solution to this.   I only know of one other 190 and it's just the same.
  Headstock fascia is in nice condition.   Neck joint is unusual but strong.

The body is Beech, faced with 3-ply laminate with a very nice flame Maple veneer on top!    The back is the same.    Pity it's finished in such an unattractive colour  -  more Walnut than Mahogany.

Sculptured sides reveal solid Maple.     

  2. Stripped and Recorded.
  It's all there .... at least I have all the bits.   Better than a wiring diagram.
  My library of high res pics will let me get in close on all the details!
  Three are fine but one needs repair.   They are impossible to find and Schaller do not have old stock.    I am hunting for NOS parts.   Stripped and ready to start.     I never did like the shape of Gibson's SG.    Is this my chance to get it right?
  Current Status    
  Waiting to source the correct Schaller tuner.
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