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  #075  GUILD X-700 STUART.    Rhode Island 1995.     Mint.
  The quintessential jazz archtop.      Stunning!
  Perfect!      One of the last from Waverley.  
  Style icon.   The classic split G shield.   Nothing but the best!
   Real craftsmen left their mark here!
  Exquisite woods.        Flamed Maple at its best  -  real craftsmanship.
  My love of these genuine Westerley., Rhode Island., full body archtops is undiminished.    From the Golden Age of Guild jazz guitars, they are always so beautifully crafted with meticulous detail and superb finish, but it's that short scale/full body combination that gets me every time!    

Loved by jazz guitarists for its pure tone and notable resistance to feedback, the sound of this carved, solid-top is 100% Guild.     Put it through a Polytone Amp and you are immediately back to the 50's West Coast.    It has that classic jazzy sound that only comes from a hand built archtop of this quality.

This No 67 of a total production of 213 and is one of only 40 built in 1995.     It is a delight to play.    It has a superb fingerboard  -  comfortable but feeling solid as a rock.   Choice woods have been selected throughout on this guitar and the Abalone accents on the MoP position markers are outstanding.



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