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  #081   Hofner  "The Pöhlert Jazz Guitar".  
  This is a very important Hofner.    It is one of "very few" (thought to be only 6-8) special instruments commissioned by Werner Pöhlert, one for himself and the others for his students.  

Herr Pöhlert was a famous guitarist in Germany and had been voted Top Jazz Guitarist at the 1957/58 German Jazz Festival.    He asked Hofner to make him a PÖHLERT JAZZ GUITAR.    Consequently this guitar does not bear the HOFNER name on the headstock,  only the PÖHLERT name on the Tailpiece.      I have, however, seen two other Pöhlerts which do have the Hofner name on the headstock.

Mine had belonged to a very old jazz guitarist in Bavaria before I bought it.   Perhaps one of Werner Pöhlert's students!!

It has recently been the subject of a careful and loving restoration.  It now looks majestic and plays really well.

The Pöhlert feels like a Committee to play and is nicely played-in now with a strong, rich voice - more jazzy than the Committee due to the 21 fret fingerboard, allowing the neck p/u to be placed at the second harmonic.    

This is a really great instrument.


  There is a Special Feature page dedicated to the background of this model and a Restoration page showing it's restoration:
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