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  The Collection.
  Down in the Bassment.
    #056   Hofner Shorty Speziale.

I feel its time I started to do some recording so, whilst I get  some kit together, I thought I would start looking for a Bass with a Jazzy sound.     I play Bass like a cello, sitting, so shape and size are important to me.      With a pin to raise it off the floor, the Shorty looked a good bet.     It is the only Shorty known to have an Ebony fingerboard and it looks stunning.


#062   Hofner Shorty Lefty.   Customer Special Order.

Ideally I want to be able to create tones as close as I can to a full size Double Bass.     I have found the Shorty to be  remarkably good on tone but the knobs are on the wrong side for comfort.    I needed a "lefty" but they don't make them.    Then I found #062, a special customer order, in Germany.    Perfect!

I am fortunate to have been able to discuss the history of both guitars with Hubert Kaa at Hofner.    He confirmed that #056 is definitely a one-off and that a small batch of 8 or so "lefties" were made when a customer ordered one.

    #057   Hofner 190(ii).

Quite a find, this.    190s are rare and this one has seen better days.     I wasn't sure whether to restore it or leave well alone ....... but it has a superb tone.     

It's just what I have been looking for so definitely a full restoration project.

Now:    Ready for cleaning and stripping.

    #068   Hofner 7SB.6

I didn't buy this for its looks but the seller eulogised about its feel and tone.    I thought I would give it a go.

It turns out to be a superb bass and so becomes the basis of my studio guitar.

Now:    Joining a collection of S7'sr S7B.

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