justjazzguitars is a collection of vintage and rare jazz archtops

The justjazzguitars collection of vintage and rare jazz archtops.

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  The Rhythm Section.

The guitars shown here represent a fresh interest for me.    I wanted to get to know some of the archtops that stem from the instrument makers of the Czech Republic, the luthiers with great violin making tradition who fled to Bavaria and gave birth to the Hofners, etc, where my collecting began. 

In Germany they are known as Shlaggitarren, in the US as Orchestra Guitars and in the UK, simply as jazz guitars.

These were mainly used at home to accompany family groups playing and singing on a Saturday evening, for playing gypsy music around an open fire,  and probably a little jazz too!!   Where they excel is in punching out big sonorous chords!!!

Initially I thought I might call them "Big-Band Guitars" but they are more than that  -  they are  "The Rhythm Section".

  From Bavaria    
    #109  Neubauer 17.   "The Gypsy".

This stunning guitar has spent most, if not all, of its life in the Gypsy Jazz community in Germany.    It certainly bears the hallmarks of a guitar that has been used and enjoyed over the years.  

Still an acoustic, without any traces of a pickup ever having been fitted, it is distinguished by its amazing voice.

This is a very musical guitar  -  it is all about its sound!

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    #110  Rod Hoyer Jazzstar Mahogany.

I wasn't familiar with Rodebald's work until I was bowled over by the stunning good looks of this amazing guitar.

Rod was an independent luthier, hand carving archtops in Bavaria, not part of the larger Arnold Hoyer family business.

Just 20 or so Mahoganies were made.

Buying a guitar for its looks can be tricky but this not only looks good, it sounds amazing.

Several previous owners have fitted pickups - not surprisingly -  but all neck mounted so the body is pristine.  

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    #111  Rodebald Hoyer Jazzstar.

I bought this just or fun  -  I wanted a little project to interest me over the long Covid Winter of 2021!

But boy am I lucky!!    This gorgeous hand carved archtop has a massive acoustic voice with majestic, sophisticated tones.   Listening to this guitar evokes the same pleasure as drinking a good Burgundy -  as the finish on a good wine gives rise to new and delicate flavours,  so a series of sophisticated sub notes, overtones and choral sounds emerge and fade on its long, long sustain.   Amazing for such a full bodied guitar.

I have resisted the temptation to fit a pickup but maybe  .......   I am sure it would be orchestral!

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